We are pleased to announce today the release of our new TD RF Module SDK v4.0.0 !

What’s new ?

This major version introduces a ground-breaking API for both the accelerometer and GPS features of the integrated TD1204 SIGFOX / GPS / 3-Axis Accelrometer module, as well as numerous improvements to the existing API for the TD1202/TD1208 RF modules, while still maintaining backwards compatibility with the existing code.. Additions, changes and bug fixes are covered in the detailed release note.

More examples were added to the previously existing ones, including some making use of advanced functions of the GPS / Accelerometer chips and LAN / SIGFOX gateway capabilities of the TD12xx RF modules.

As developers ourselves, except where restricted by patents or non-disclosure agreements, we decided to provide most of the delivered code as source code, allowing developers to understand what is under the hood, modify it, expand it, or simply use it as is with an increased confidence.

We also opted to only use free-of-charge software building tools, and as much as possible FOSS (Free Open-Source Software) tools, as well as a cheap Starter Kit from Silicon Labs/Energy Micro for the hardware program/debug probe, in order to lower the front costs for developments down to the bare minimum.

How to get it ?

  1. Download the SDK (about 500 Megs) and unzip it in C:\ (that’s mandatory) HERE
  2. Get the samples code and the library on our github repo (registered used access) HERE
  3. Get the complete documentations and support are available publicly HERE

Please take a look at this new TD RF Module SDK, and we hope you will enjoy for developing the next-generation IoT devices based on the SIGFOX technology!

–The Telecom Design R&D team


25 February 2014