SENSOR ™ In a glimpse

Sensor is TelecomDesign™ underlying platform in charge of

  • Data gathering and storage
  • Global M2M operation management (upgrade, configuration, definition)
  • Metrics (Technical / Business) computation
  • Business Service Provider through DSL's remote endpoint exposition

Sensor™ platform has been used successfully for years in many Industrial M2M Projects, and is designed to cope with the worsts environments (poor bandwidth, scarse network, low memory / cpu consumption....)

Sensor TD1202 remote Interfaces

Live API Event callback

Sensor Live API provides real time notification upon event broadcast, either to your backend in case of an application configured, either by fallback polling using Device / Application API. Pushing through WebSocket is under experimentation and intend to shortly become our target for both App / Device fallback, and preferred to polling (we don't like polls at all).

How does it works ?

Live API access requires registration from you. Upon successull registration process, you get acces to Application management at dashboard level. See Dashboard implementation for more information about dashboard features implementation.

Remote API standard way

General considerations


All request should be made over SSL, against the live api URL :

Authentication and security

Two API are available for you Hacker

  • A device API, with no registration requirements to access single device message history
  • A developer API, providing remote WS access for automated process