Cloud on Chip platform

TD1208 : The next step after TD1202

TD1202 on steroïds

New features
More memory, new SDK
New Apis
Activable IoT services (battery, level, temp) + WS stack
TD1202 Compatible
Lucky TD1202 owners, You can benefit from the stack (eval mode) by simple upgrade

What is the Platform about ?

Cloud on Chip platform combines all you need to focus on your IoT project development :

  • low level handy monitoring services,
  • remote IoT services for device batch management

What does this platform bring me ?

Full service stack, no hosting, network / data tansport hassle, thanks to

  • Runtime environment, networking, Data Framing, and much more...
  • Hosted Storage, Analysis, Group management and much more...

Where to start from ?

Get to the download section, for more information about product features

Digging more

Thinking about prototyping ?
Check out our Evaluation board and step into the future with us!